NU-DEV takes the abundant experience of the past to bring affordable living into the modern era, characterised by both simplicity and boutique contemporary design.

We are the third generation of our family to be property developers. By continuing the legacy of The Nikiforides Group, we have the confidence to tackle any challenge head on. To leverage from past experience, and use these valuable lessons from past clients and completed developments to facilitate the wants and needs of todays agile and knowledgeable buyers.

We are carving out a unique niche: engaging purchasers, predicting and meeting their needs, enhancing their lives by creating beautiful spaces to suit their lifestyle and enriching the community around them.


The Nikiforides Group commenced activities in the construction and development industry in 1969 in Canberra, subsequently expanding into Sydney and several other locations along the NSW Eastern seaboard.

In 1978, the group relocated to South East Queensland where a reputation for quality and innovation was quickly established.

Since 1985 the group has (through its flagship property development company Niecon Developments) won numerous industry awards for construction, design and engineering excellence and continues to be at the forefront of developing the ultimate life spaces.